Crazy Maizy's Popcorn Factory is a wonderfully unique, locally owned business right here in Las Cruces. They make fun flavors of popcorn! With close to 70 flavors of popcorn, and countless combinations, you're sure to find something new and different to try. Plus, always keep on the lookout for new flavors! Voted Finest Party Favors in 2012 by the New Mexico Event & Wedding Planner Magazine, they are a fantastic option for birthday parties, movie nights, quinceaneras, baby showers, or any other special occasion. They have even become popular at wedding receptions, as popcorn bars have become a recent trend. Owner Marilyn Maze opened this specialty shop's doors in July, 2011. She says the idea came about when she was at a high school basketball game here in Las Cruces with one of her children. She says the idea came about when she was at a high school basketball game here in Las Cruces with one of her children. She saw someone eating some colored popcorn and thought, "hey, that's interesting." The idea sparked from there! Her most popular flavors for kids include Banana Split, and a mixture called K8 KaBoom (cherry, green apple, strawberry, lemon, orange, grape, blueberry, and vanilla.) They specialize on Caramel Corns, Caramel Corn with SeaSalt, and Caramel Corn with red or green chili are some of their most popular flavors. Mango with chili, Yellow Cheddar, and Dill Pickle are a few more customer favorites. Many different sizes are available, including sampler trays and gift baskets. Customer orders are available for those looking for something special. In the past, they have even done small sample bags of popcorn to staple onto business cards at a request from a customer looking for something to make themselves stand out. 




Dent Works

Born and raised in Las Cruces, Chris and Sarah Davis opened Dent works in 2009. Their business focuses on vehicles with weather damage, minor dents, and door dings in a completely green way. They don't use any paint or chemicals, which is common in conventional dent removal. This keeps the paint on the car looking great, and is also better for the environment. How do they do this? Paintless dent repair is the process of meticulously massaging dents out using specialized tools. Many people in Las Cruces came to them for help this year after the big hail storms. Call Dent Works today for a free estimate!


Styles in Motion

Rhonda Masters, alongside husband David Masters, owns Styles in Motion, as well as both Sweet Cece's locations. Styles in Motion, a local business selling cheer, gymnastics, and dance gear, was opened in November of 2004. Rhonda was originally a registered nurse from Michigan, where she and her husband still visit their oldest daughter Laura and her two granddaughters often. They also enjoy traveling to Ohio, where their youngest Nicholas lives with his fiance Anne, and to Oregon to visit their oldest son, David the second, his wife Jen, and their two children.

The idea for Styles in Motion came when her youngest daughter, Natali, was three. Natali was in dance and Rhonda was struggling to find the costumes and other necessities that went along with the classes and performances. She then decided to open her own store, learning as she went along, mostly by listening to the needs of her customers. They carry many different outfit designs, gifts, dance decor, and they have a large variety of dance shoes. Rhonda says that dance folklorico has become increasing popular in New Mexico, so she has taken to carrying more supplies to accommodate those artists as well. She also does a lot of orders for the schools throughout the Las Cruces Public School District when they are preparing for a show or recital.

Family and the people within the community have always been priorities for Rhonda. Customer service is what sets them apart, knowing a lot about dance herself she is able to help her customers find what they need. She has built a fantastic rapport with the people of Las Cruces and the surrounding areas, especially within the dance community. This business is currently for sale. 


Sweet CeCe's Frozen Yogurt and Treats

The idea of opening Sweet CeCe's in Las Cruces originated from their son David. The first location opened in March of 2013 on University Ave and they went on to open their second location in November of 2014 across town on Lohman. With 93 flavors that rotate throughout the week, the two shops have different flavors than one another on any given day. Within the rotation are 12 sorbet flavors for customers who are lactose intolerant, as well as 12 that are sugar free. They also have over 60 different toppings! Sweet CeCe’s is one of the select few yogurt shops that have real yogurt, none of their treats come from a powder mix. Their yogurts are all low calorie or zero calorie, making them a healthy choice.

Sweet CeCe’s hosts many types of events, from birthday parties to bar mitzvahs. They even had a wedding reception once. For parties it’s $8 a person, which includes a yogurt for each guest with refills. Without the option of refills, it is $5 a guest. For children under age 4 it is 3 dollars a cup. Disney princesses are available for birthday party appearances.

At the university location they have open mike night on Wednesdays from 7PM to 10PM. David and Rhonda’s Natali began the weekly Open Mike Nights when they first opened, being a performer herself. Since then, employee and performer Justin Ulibarri has taken over. Being right across from the university, it has become a great hangout night for students as well as families. The patio area is lit up and customers enjoy sitting outside listening to music, poetry, and other entertainment. Everyone is encouraged to perform.

David Masters is proud to be a local business owner in Las Cruces. He encourages field trips to his shops, fundraising, and they hold Christmas events with Santa for the holidays. He was voted Business Member of the Year in 2013 by SAM’s Club. 


Coas Bookstore

Between the two locations, they have over one million books. What makes this bookstore so special in our community are the employees relationship with books, and with the customers. Oftentimes people will walk in to browse, hoping to find something new to read but not having a specific title in mind. They often approach the Coas employees for suggestions, or visit the recommendations areas, where each employee has a shelf of their own to display their favorite books. They sell used audio books, used records, and used DVDs, their main focus always having been books though. The store works off of a credit system - customers bring in their used items and receive credit. They then use this credit towards their new purchases.  Originally opened in 1983, Coas Bookstore is a staple in Las Cruces, being the largest used bookstore in Southern New Mexico. It was moved to its current location in Historic Downtown in 1991. Mike Beckett worked there with his father for a long time before purchasing the business with his wife, Veronica, in 2007 from his father, Pat. There is a strong family feel to this business, especially after discovering that the majority of the bookcases used in their bookstore were built by members of their family. It has been a nice tradition for them to build bookcases, from one generation to the next. They opened their second location on Solano in 2005. 

One of their most popular sections is the children's area, where story time is held each Saturday morning for children of all ages. This coincides with the Farmer's and Crafts Market of Las Cruces that fills the streets right at their storefront of their main location. Story time is also held at the same day and time at their second location on Solano. Children that attend story time receive a free book as a gift. Schools have in the past brought students to Coas as apart of field trips, where each student has also gotten a free book. Education is important to Mike Beckett, also being an active member of the Rio Grande Rotary Club of Las Cruces. They are responsible for many programs that assist the community, as well as providing a brand new dictionary to every third grader in Las Cruces.